Love-Month Themed Post

In these days of lingering cold, it’s important to keep the heart(h)s warm to see ourselves through to spring. These last months of winter are especially challenging for me; every glimpse of sunshine stirs the spring waiting inside of me and when the snow falls and the temperature drops yet again…Well, that’s when I remember I need to keep stoking the inner flames. Luckily, a little bit of love can go a long way.

In this vein, I’d like to share with you a poem and a tarot spread that have been bestowed upon me recently:


Love is not a title due
after proper certification.

It does not come with a deed.

It is certainly not
a collar
thrown about one’s neck
(you cannot tug love at your heel).


When love comes,
it comes easy—
you wonder what took so long
just to turn your gaze
and see
the door was open the whole time.

One day, after you finally gave up
bargaining for it,
love crept in
under the living room rug
and it sprouted
until it pushed its way up through the weave,
and it bloomed
filling the room with its scent.

From that day on,
every fruit that fed you,
you plucked from its branches
and every leaf you swept
you gave back.

When it broke through the roof,
you finally realized
all that lies between it
and the infinite expanse of sky
is dead images of itself
rotting away.

Anomie Still

The tarot spread came a few days later, inspired by the metaphor revealed within the poem. The spread was built on the question, “How do I grow my love?” Of course, this question can be flexed a bit to suit the needs of the querent.

lovetree spread

Suggested interpretations:

  1. The Root: the source point or primary action of growth
  2. Left Branch: the analytic mind, thoughts and attitudes
  3. Right Branch: the creative/sensual mind, thoughts and attitudes
  4. Left Flower: what grows of the left branch and is given for the well-being of all
  5. Right Flower: the gift to be shared of the right branch
  6. Fruit: what comes back to you, feeds you, and bears the seed that brings the cycle into its next revolution.

Take heart, love! Spring is coming. In the meantime, keep those flames alive ♥



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