• Give deeply to receive deeply.
  • There is no waste, only compost.
  • Play is the building block of nourishing creation.
  • Slow down and smell the flowers. Also, the garbage.
  • When the lake stagnates, open the floodgates. Even if one must use dynamite.
  • With any outcome, feed it back into the cycle.
  • We are bodies of transmutation. Now go process some shit.
  • Do not sacrifice quality for quantity; it matters not if one knits 500 sweaters so long as they do not fit their wearers.
  • Do not sacrifice quantity for quality; it matters not if one can bake the most delicious cake in the world so long as no one ever tastes it.
  • Absolute balance is stillness; stillness is akin to death. Seek balance in motion instead. Dance.
  • Cultivate the practice of broadening perspective as a contortionist cultivates physical flexibility. Always aim to push past one’s limits.

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