Renewing my vows

Hey folx. I’ve been very absent from the blogosphere as of late, the reasons for that being twofold:

First, and most excitingly, I’ve been working on a book. This July, I received a Community Art Gathering Grant from the BeWildReWild Fund at the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation, which I’ve been incredibly stoked about. I’m presently working towards this project daily and aim to have the finished product (an illustrated ebook – and who knows, maybe some day a physical book as well 🤞🏻) ready early February 2020.

This book project has only been the superficial reason for my absence, and if I’m totally honest with myself, it’s not actually stopping me from engaging here.

Plunge into the depths with me here. I’ve been learning a lot lately that most of the time, when I say I don’t have time for this-or-that thing, I’m bullshitting myself. This “lack of time” has more to do with some sort of psychic inertia I’m feeling around the thing – resistance due to fear or anxiety about what it could mean if I take the risk to explore this new part of myself.

For a number of reasons, this blog has been surfacing in my mind lately, and rather than push it aside this time, I sat with it. And in sitting with it, I realized that when I had first started writing it, there was a bunch of unconscious pressure around what I was putting out. It needed to be just so. I would go through multiple drafts crafting each post and the topic matter needed to be of a certain style. The canal I created for this medium was so narrow that nothing was able to get through, and the content dried up.

So here I am, renewing my vows so to speak, with a fresh resolution to keep things light. I take the risk of rambling, spelling errors, questionable relevancy, and becoming, well, bloggy (but hey, what am I doing here anyways??). I take these risks for the sake of do-ability, freedom, enjoyment and authenticity. A worthy trade-off in my opinion.

Here’s to a future of writing on the fly, covered in squirming babes, or at peace in my studio. Here’s to accepting the imperfections and pushing on with my best effort anyways. Here’s to loving the wild, wabisabi-ness of this richly beautiful life.

See you soon 💋