Hello and welcome.

Consider this post to be simultaneously an introduction and manifesto. I am your host. I go by many names, but here, the mask I wear is named Anomie Still.

This is an artist’s blog, otherwise known as a “personal blog” (and personally, I despise that descriptor. It pretends like the personal begins at 5 and ends at 9…here, you will encounter an odd blend of personal and professional, any time of day.) In giving it this title, I mean to convey that a) the blog will be self-driven and b) it will showcase a wide range of topics. An example list looks like this:

  • deep psyche, archetypes and the Imaginal
  • fiber arts
  • archeomythology
  • parenting
  • philosophy
  • parenting philosophy
  • social theory, anthropology, etc.
  • natural health
  • literature (fiction, nonfic, poetry…)
  • um, this list continues for a long while

A more important list maybe, is the one that gives life to the last. Its parent list, if you will. Which is, what is valued here: purity of expression, a hero’s heart, clarity of sight, a balanced mind, the drummer’s knowing, and the processes of dreaming Heaven on Earth.

These things summarize this blog’s intent as succinctly as I can swing here, standing at the inception of its timeline like this. I’ll finish this post off with a bit about me.

Who am I? I’m a meandering child-spirit with a romantic fixation on healing the world.

I traveled quite a bit growing up, with family and independently. This exposure to lives of so many different flavors and feelings hooked something in me.

I later attended and graduated from the University of Iowa with a Bachelor’s degree in International Studies and English. Post-graduation, I continue my studies independently. I follow my nose, though my studies largely revolve around questions of the human spirit and its relationships with Self and Other. Where do these studies lead? I can’t say for certain, but it smells like Utopia.

I’m also a stay-at-home mom. I’m madly in love with my children, and most of my time is theirs. But know this—as I am devoted to my babes, I am devoted to the art. I will always return, so long as there’s somewhere to return to.

These are the tools of my dreaming.

A final note. This is an important one so I’ll put it in caps: I DO NOT USE TRIGGER WARNINGS. I know this is HIGHLY CONTROVERSIAL, but I don’t appreciate the state of mind they create. On a base level, they’re censoring’s more politically correct cousins. Trigger warnings aside, rest assured that I will treat all subjects with care.

May every wound opened here be healed. May this be a space for re-vision-ing and rehabilitation. May it pave the way for connective dialogue, creative unfolding, and planetary re-alignment. May the dream come true.

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